Event | Manufacturing Indonesia 2023

Event | Manufacturing Indonesia 2023

ORS Korea Showcases Cutting-Edge Machinery Solutions at MFI Exhibition in Jakarta

The recent Manufacturing Indonesia (MFI) Exhibition in Jakarta, attended as part of the 2023 Gyeongnam TP support program, proved to be a pivotal event, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering international collaborations in the manufacturing sector.

Unveiling Technological Marvels

The exhibition floor buzzed with excitement as industry leaders and innovators gathered to witness the latest advancements in machinery technology. Key players, including renowned manufacturers of Grinding Machines, Turning Machines, and Spindles, took the spotlight, presenting state-of-the-art solutions that are set to reshape the global manufacturing landscape.

ORSKOREA - Jakarta, Indonesia

ORS Korea's Collaboration Takes Center Stage

Supported by Banseok Indonesia, a consulting firm based in Jakarta, the ORS Korea delegation, beneficiaries of the Gyeongnam TP support program, successfully collaborated with several prominent Indonesian and Chinese companies.

One notable encounter involved fruitful discussions with a significant number of Chinese-based manufacturers specializing in Grinding Machines and Spindles. The strategic discussions explored potential collaborations, paving the way for future partnerships that could revolutionize the manufacturing sector.

ORSKOREA - Jakarta, Indonesia

Exploring Turnkey Solutions and Bearings

The exhibition provided a platform for in-depth discussions on Turnkey Solutions, where participants delved into comprehensive offerings covering Grinding Machines, Turning Machines, and associated components. The importance of robust and reliable Bearings in these integrated solutions was a recurring theme, emphasizing the significance of high-quality components in achieving manufacturing excellence.

Showcasing Global Networking Success

Building on the momentum from the EMO Exhibition in 2022, the ORS Korea delegation had the privilege of reconnecting with Palmary, a Taiwanese manufacturer known for their precision Grinding Machines. The encounter with Palmary's Sales Manager further solidified the global network, opening avenues for potential collaborations and knowledge exchange. 

Gyeongnam TP Support Program Leaves an Impression

The participation in the Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition was made possible through the 2023 Gyeongnam TP support program. This initiative not only facilitated exposure to cutting-edge technologies but also acted as a catalyst for meaningful discussions, contributing to the expansion of international collaboration in the manufacturing sector.

ORSKOREA - Jakarta, Indonesia

MFI Exhibition in Jakarta proved to be an invaluable experience for ORS Korea, underscoring the importance of global collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of the manufacturing industry. The encounters with Chinese manufacturers, the reunion with Palmary, and the overall exhibition atmosphere highlighted the dynamism and potential for transformative partnerships in the ever-evolving world of machinery and manufacturing.

Explore the Future with ORS KOREA

As we reflect on our experience at Boom-up Korea, we are optimistic about our prospects of expanding into potential markets. For more details on the exhibition and collaborations, contact us via sales@orskorea.com. 

Written by Geon Yi Lim
Marketing Development Intern

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