Interview | Inside the Vision with Managing Director 심조원 사장님 인터뷰

Interview | Inside the Vision with Managing Director 심조원 사장님 인터뷰
On December 18th, team ORS KOREA filmed an interview video with our managing director Jho Whoun (James) Shim at the XR studio of Seoul Venture hub. In this interview video, we covered the growth story of ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) and much more. Below is a brief explanation of the contents!


SHIM: ORS KOREA is a joint venture company formed between ORS, a leading bearing manufacturer in Turkey, and SMSB, a domestic precision grinding machine manufacturer. We serve as a Global Smart Grinding Solution Provider, offering products and services based on precision grinding technology. With world-class technical expertise, a diverse range of industries, and a global network, ORSKOREA is experiencing rapid growth.

Q What products and services does ORSKOREA offer?

SHIM: ORSKOREA provides a diverse range of products and services which can be categorized into mainly four.

1. Precision Grinding and Machining Machines

We specialize in the production of grinding machines tailored for precision bearing processing, showcasing expertise in this field.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - Machines

2. Motion Units such as Spindles

Featuring patented technology, our high-speed, high-frequency spindles are capable of rotational speeds ranging from 30,000 RPM to approximately 120,000 RPM, superior to any other company in Korea.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - Spindles

3. Automation System

Design and implementation of automation systems that enable machinery to autonomously perform consecutive tasks in production lines without human intervention.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - Automation Reference

4. Overhaul & Retrofit Service

With belief in corporate ideology that sale of products is not the end of providing solutions but only the beginning of solving our customer’s problems, we are committed to providing thorough overhaul and retrofit service to enhance customer experience.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - Overhaul & Retrofit Service

Q. What makes ORSKOREA unique?

SHIM: I am proud to present three features that take ORS KOREA to a new level of total grinding solution provider, more than just a conventional manufacturing company.

Price Competitiveness

ORS KOREA stands out in offering products with top-tier technological capabilities at a reasonable price, ensuring a competitive edge against global machining brands.


The company excels in providing customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. Even when a customer uses components from other manufacturers, replacement or retrofit service is possible due to ORSKOREA’s adaptable designs.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - Machinery VR Modeling

Global Network and Collaboration

ORS KOREA has successfully delivered its products to over 50 companies in six countries. Close partnership with the parent company, ORS, enables the dispatch of engineers not only within Korea but also to distant countries, ensuring swift maintenance services.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - EMO with ORS Bearing team

Q. What are some Industries that require smart grinding solutions?

SHIM: ORSKOREA specializes in manufacturing precision machining machinery and products, starting with bearings, a core component of automobiles. Our solutions cater to various industries such as eco-friendly mobility, industrial machinery, semiconductor, medical devices, and many more.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - 연삭 기계 및 베어링 가치 사슬 Value Chain

With plans for future expansion into sectors like aerospace and defense, our technology is in line with the trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the growing demand for precision solutions in the market.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) - 연삭 공정 요구하는 정밀부품 예시

Q. Could you explain your journey from an engineer to an Industrial Service Medal awardee?

SHIM: In 1990, I began my career as an engineer at Schaeffler Korea, a German bearing manufacturer. In 2000, I established SMSB, a company focused on precision machine tools and spindle manufacturing, to showcase Korean technological prowess.

In the early 2010s, a significant milestone was achieved through collaboration with ORS, a leading Turkish bearing manufacturer. In 2019, the joint venture marked the inception of ORS KOREA.

ORSKOREA (오알에스코리아) & ORSBearing (오알에스베어링)

Over the past two decades, we have continuously pushed forward the promotion of our high-precision grinding technology and our efforts were recognized in 2023 with the honorable awardance of Industry Service Medal in Korea Material, Parts, and Equipment (MPE) and Root Industry Technology. We will continue to pursue the development of the MPE(Materials, Parts and Equipment)industry that serves as the backbone of all industrial sectors.

Q. What are some achievements of ORS KOREA in 2023?

EMO Hanover 2023, ORSKOREA

SHIM: In 2023, ORS KOREA achieved several milestones:

  • Recognition as a Global IP Star Company
  • Certification of the Industrial Service Medal in the MPE(Materials, Parts and Equipment) Industry
  • Inclusion in the list of Global Strong Giants Companies +1000

These achievements, along with participation in international exhibitions like Germany's EMO and Vietnam's Metalex, highlight our outstanding technological capabilities. Establishment of our in-house research institute, coupled with a remarkable 250% year-on-year growth, signifies the collective teamwork of our dedicated employees. The ever-expanding realm of industries seeking high-precision products and solutions showcase the limitless growth opportunities of ORSKOREA.

We invite you to accompany us in our journey towards the “Total Grinding Solution Provider.” 

Written by Yujin Oh
Global B2B Sales Intern

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