METALEX, Vietnam 2023

METALEX, Vietnam 2023

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Metalex Vietnam 2023
Ho Chi Minh ∙ October 4-6
Stand K25

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We provide
advanced engineered-to-order turnkey solution
in the field of grinding and turning

ORSKOREA is not just a problem solver - we are the custom solution creator for your very specific challenges and needs. We guarantee that you will receive the most efficiency-drive machines that elevate your productivity. Our ultimate aim is to optimize your operations, ensuring you’re always ahead in the competitive industry.

With the spirit of tech-maniac,
we challenge the future of humanity

Tech-maniac, Challenge, Humanity - these are more than just words; they are the core of who we are.

We set the mission of becoming the most customer-centric company, where customers can satisfy the overall process with us. We guarantee you a variety of smart solutions and supply you with the best quality and best price at any time.

Grinding and Turning Solutions

Grinding Machine
SGC - Centerless Grinding Machine

Our SGC series’s workrest blade supports the workpiece in place between a grinding wheel and a regulating wheel, and traverse type point diamond dresser is applied. The precision of traverse and feeding is improved with the application of high-precision ball screws and high-strength L.M guides (or dovetails).

Centerless Grinding Machine + Crack Testing Machine : SGC 500C

Double Disc Grinding Machine
SGDV - Double Disc Surface Grinding Machine (Vertical)

Double Disc Face Grinding Machine - SDGV 585

Turning Machine
SLB - Hydraulic Single Spindle Turning Machine

CNC Lathe (Turning) Machine : SLB 120

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about our product range?

A Journey of Craftmanship
: When Precision Meets Passion

Our story began in the year 2000 a time when our managing director's passion led to the creation of a precision components manufacturer by developing high-speed and high-frequency spindles. Over the next decade, we shaped our expertise to engineer high precision grinding and turning machines, tailored specifically for bearings.

In 2019, our story took a transformative turn. 'ORS Bearings' embraced innovation wholeheartedly and invested to us, giving birth to a harmonious joint-venture named ORSKOREA.

Today, we stand united as one family, embracing diversity, and cherishing the spirit of collaboration.

As we proudly share our story with you, know that every machine we create, every partnership we forge, is imbued with the same spirit of precision that has shaped our past and propels us into the future.

Let's meet to explore how our solutions can shape your business success 

Join us at the exhibition to experience the convergence of precision and passion.
Discover the capabilities of our machines, designed for versatility and sustainability.

Stand K25

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Partner | Meet Our SHX120-060 High-Frequency Spindle Customer at SIMTOS 2024: Enhancing Internal Grinding Efficiency 심토스에서 만난 고주파 스핀들 고객이 궁금하다면?

Partner | Meet Our SHX120-060 High-Frequency Spindle Customer at SIMTOS 2024: Enhancing Internal Grinding Efficiency 심토스에서 만난 고주파 스핀들 고객이 궁금하다면?

👋Greetings from ORSKOREA! Our team recently visited SIMTOS 2024, South Korea's largest manufacturing technology exhibition, held at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province from April 1 to 5. This year's SIMTOS was a remarkable opportunity to witness the latest advancements and trends in manufacturing technology. As a