Event | Open Innovation in Beijing, China with Xiaomi Accelerator Korea

Event | Open Innovation in Beijing, China with Xiaomi Accelerator Korea

Unlocking Doors to Global Ventures: ORSKOREA's Recent Collaborative Endeavors

We are thrilled to share our recent expedition into the world of opportunities at Seoul Startup Hub M+!

ORSKOREA was selected to participate in a comprehensive program facilitating entry into the Chinese market in collaboration with the esteemed accelerator, Xiaomi Accelerator Korea.

Open Innovation - ORSKOREA
Seizing Opportunities in China

This remarkable program encompasses an all-in-one setup for Chinese market entry, encompassing meetups with Chinese mid-sized enterprises and venture capitalists, investor relations translations and consulting, mentoring sessions, and on-the-ground meetups/field trips in China.

Meeting with Plug and Play Team - ORSKOREA

Our journey didn't stop there; we engaged in fruitful discussions on technology investment and collaborations with key stakeholders in China, further solidifying our global footprint.

Finding Partners in China

In continuation of our recent experiences in China, where we had the opportunity to visit burgeoning companies and potential investment and business partners, including Alibaba Cloud, PnP, IDG, and others, here is a brief summary of our interactions and discussed collaborations:

Alibaba Cloud

A globally renowned cloud computing service provider offering various cloud services such as data storage, networking, security, and artificial intelligence.

Visit Alibaba Cloud China Office - ORSKOREA

During our visit, we explored possibilities for collaboration, particularly in innovative projects leveraging cloud services. We expressed interest in joint development and partnerships to pioneer innovative projects within cloud environments utilizing our technology and services.

Visit Alibaba Cloud China Office - ORSKOREA

PnP (Plug and Play)

A global accelerator supporting startups, investing in innovative technologies, and fostering collaborations among companies.

Visit Plug and Play Office - ORSKOREA

We discussed potential collaboration models for the development of new technologies, products, and market entries. There was mutual exploration of opportunities for cooperation.

Meeting with Plug and Play Team - ORSKOREA

IDG Capital

An investment firm specializing in venture capital, private equity, and strategic investments across various industries, particularly in technology.

Visit Investment Partner Office - ORSKOREA

Our discussions focused on potential investment opportunities and collaborations in technology-driven initiatives. We explored how our technological expertise aligns with their investment strategies for potential partnerships or joint ventures.

Visit IDG Office - ORSKOREA
Visit Peking Korean Society Office - ORSKOREA

Open Innovation (Demo Day)

"Open Innovation" refers to the practice of companies collaborating with external partners, such as startups, other organizations, or academic institutions, to exchange knowledge, ideas, and resources to develop new products, services, or processes.

This collaboration often involves sharing expertise, technologies, and intellectual property to foster innovation and drive business growth.

Entrepreneur's Training Camp, Peking University - ORSKOREA

This event organized by Seoul City, Seoul Business Agency (Seoul Economic Promotion Agency), Seoul Startup Hub M+, and Xiaomi Accelerator Korea (G Space AC) in Beijing University's Entrepreneurship Training Center focused on the '2023 Global Accelerating Project Field Trip Beijing & Korea Excellent Company Roadshow'.

The purpose of this roadshow was to facilitate connections between promising innovative Korean companies and Chinese investment firms and corporations, fostering scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

Open Innovation - ORSKOREA

The roadshow featured participation from ten companies across various fields, including next-generation information technology, information communication technology (ICT), advanced equipment manufacturing, new materials, sports, arts, animation, bio-medical, business communication, and components.

Within the materials, components, and manufacturing sector, ORSKOREA, specializing in the production and service of grinding machines, spindles, and bearings based on machine manufacturing technology, was among the participants.

Open Innovation - ORSKOREA

The CEO of Beijing University's Entrepreneurship Training Center expressed optimism about the positive impact of Korean companies showcasing their exceptional technologies in Beijing. They highlighted the event as an opportunity for mutual technological convergence and a potential catalyst for the future positive transformation of Sino-Korean relations.

This event demonstrated an environment conducive to fostering collaborative innovation, where companies across diverse sectors came together, exchanging ideas and exploring avenues for technological advancement and mutual growth between South Korea and China.

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